Challenge Conquered!

My heart would break without you
Might not awake without you
Been hurting low from living high for so long
I’m sorry, and I love you Stay with me, “Bell Bottom Blue”
I’ll keep on searching for an answer ’cause I need you more than dope

That’s the song that played on my iPod once the plane took off leaving the summer vacation behind. It was almost perfect, in the saddest way possible.

I’m sorry, I’m just in a really weird sad mood. Knowing that they have a mermaid school in the Philippines is kind of helping (dead serious, click here to see it), but not really.

Anyway, on a positive note, I have completed the 30 Day Writing Prompt Challenge! I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to, which sounds dumb, but I procrastinate like crazy and I have a horrible memory . . . so pats on the back for me! You can read all 30 entries here.

So, what’s to come?!

Well, I’ve found another writing prompt challenge, so that. Also, I’m starting a fitness Tumblr (I talked about it in my Public Service Announcement) so, once Lollapalooza is over, I’m going to work on that and promoting it. I might also get a Twitter? I don’t know, I’m not really all to sure. Moral of the story: Look out for a bunch of things this August! It won’t be hard to miss them; I’ll probably keep bugging you about them.

Alright, well thanks for sticking around and reading my challenge entries! I appreciate it. I’m going to go get ready for a great time at Lollapalooza this weekend–we’ll see, hopefully my mood can change. Until then, I’m going to listen to “Dope” on repeat.

See you all in August!


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