It really isn’t that big of a deal, despite all of the capitals in the title (sorry!).

One of my things or goals on my buckets list was to lose weight. For me, trying to eat healthy and working out is very lonely.

For example, a bunch of my close friends have memberships to the same gym as I do
, so when we all have free time I’ll invite them along. Most of the time I end up going alone. I think once one of them came with me . . . once.

Another example comes with eating healthy. My family loves to go out to eat, so it’s hard to convince them to eat healthy with me or to pick a healthier restaurant (if there even is such a place). Even with Prince Eric, I’ve noticed we’ve been eating out a lot lately, and I’ve noticed my weight fluctuate along with my eating habits.

This public service announcement is to ask if anyone would be interested in joining me on a fitness journey to lose weight, to get the body I’ve always wanted, and to become a healthier human being. I would probably make a Tumblr for it and sync Instagram with it to post progress pictures and healthy meals and workouts.

Basically, who’s in with me?! (Let me know in the comments below).



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