On My Worst Behavior

Day 26: Write about your worst habit.

Day whatever of Vaycay: Currently posting from the beach.


Don't mind the random sunbathers that photobombed me


My worst habit would have to be my quick temper. I could be having the best day of my life and then something will happen that’ll just enrage me or bother me in the worst way possible, and my smile will just turn into
gritted teeth and a scowly expression.

I’m working on it, though. As I get older, I’ve learned more and more to just not take everything so seriously. Now I just slowly count down from 10 in my head (which sounds so therapy-clichĂ©, but it works for me) and then that kind of calms me down, which eventually leads to me getting over it. Sometimes, though, I forget about this system and just mope for the rest of the day. I’m a work in progress.


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