What the Neighbors Saw

Day 25: Write a story about ‘What the Neighbors Saw.’

Day x of Vaycay: It’s so much fun when restaurants fry stuff in peanut oil and you’re allergic to peanuts. Also my fault that I didn’t ask. And yes I’m feeling much better after a much needed nap.


“Honey, look!” Mrs. Wimbledon scream whispered to her husband as she stopped
pruning her garden and focused her attention on our backyard. “She’s going out to the pool!”

“That’s great, sweety,” Mr. Wimbledon waved her off, still lounging in his beloved hammock eyes unmoving from the page eight news.

There I was, Mrs. Wimbledon’s squint green eyes on me as I set a beach towel near the edge of the pool. Should I give her a show today?

A sly smile crossed my face as I crouched down to sit on the edge slowly slipping my legs in the water. Her and I both waited for it to happen, and when it did, I swore I heard a high pitch yet quiet shriek come from Mrs. Wimbledon’s tomato vines. My two legs became one under a green scaley sheath. My toes webbed together until my feet were unrecognizable and finn-y. Once the transformation was over, I dove in gracefully, splashing my mermaid tail too and fro, catching a glimpse of Mrs. Wimbledon’s jaw practically touching the ground.

After what the neighbors saw that summer afternoon, Mr. Wimbledon barely paying attention, Mrs. Wimbledon has become the Harvard Street looney, fanatically talking of mermaids at every pool party and bonfire wine night.

Mrs. Wimbledon, you silly fool, mermaids don’t exist.


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