30 Hours

Day 24: Write about the longest amount of time you’ve ever gone without sleeping.

Day 492 of Vaycay: *in Family Guy weatherman voice* IT’S GONNA RAIN!


My first time flying international was my senior class trip to London. My nonstop flight took off around 3:00 pm CST. I barely slept–remember, first international flight . . . I was kind of terrified. We
landed in London around 6:00 am, London time. That was about an 8 hour flight, plus getting up at 9 am CST out of anticipation and excitement, so we’re already at 14 hours.

Our guides tried to keep us awake for as long as they possible could with tours and shopping excursions, but it was up to the majority of our small groups whether we wanted to participate or not. Most of my small group said no, so we went back to the hotel. Two of the 10 of us, that number including myself, stayed up till our late dinner at 10:00 pm London time, which puts me at, give or take, 30 hours. (I’m terrible at math, so somebody please tell me if I’m wrong so I don’t make a fool of myself. Thanks!)

Yea. Two things I remember from that day:

1. My friend and I were sitting in the hallway of the hotel, because we were the only two awake, screaming because we were hallucinating that we were on a sinking ship. I kept shouting, “I’ll never let go, Jack!” Nobody was amused.

2. I fell asleep in my salad bowl at dinner.


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