Day 21: Find a job ad in the paper.  Write about your life if you had that job.

Day 2 of Vaycay: The locals consider today to be “cold.” It’s 89°F . . .


The first job ad I found online (I don’t have a newspaper to look at):

Clerk/CashierCVS/pharmacy – Haines City, FL

To ensure customer satisfaction by handling each

customer with the eye’s, hi’s and help. To ensure each customer has a positive shopping experience and to remember that the customer is the top priority. 

Required Qualifications 
Must be at least 16 years of age 

Ability to complete the following tasks: 
Operate a cash register including cash transactions, checks, charges 
Follow company policies and procedures regarding cash register performance 
Request additional help when needed to increase customer satisfaction 
Greet each customer using the eye’s, hi’s and help at all times and assist customers with their questions, problems and complaints 
Price merchandise utilizing price guns 
Store cleanliness: break area and rest rooms; vacuum; dust/face; clean windows; rubbish removal; exterior maintenance; sweeping 
Stock shelves 
Complete price changes: document counts, utilize price guns 
Answer the telephone using the appropriate greeting 
Process photofinishing orders 
Maintain check-out area: fill register supplies, bags; wipe counter tops; fill cigarettes 
Issue rainchecks when requested 
React to potential shoplifters following company guidelines 
Maintain customer/patient confidentiality 
Maintain card department: order, stock, inventory, signing 
Maintain cosmetic department/units: clean, stock, set displays, sign, prepare returns (UPP system) 
Reset departments/end caps following POGs 
Display and sign weekly, promotional and seasonal merchandise 
Prepare damages: document counts and item numbers, seal trays 
In-store signing, including: shelves, displays, dump baskets, windows, ceiling 
Assist Pharmacy personnel when needed 
Complete minor in-store repairs i.e., carriage poles, change light bulbs 
Work out reserve stock 
Assist customers with large purchases (taking out to vehicle) 
Unload and load trays/cases – 35 pound maximum to a height of 4 feet 
Move trays/cases from one location to another
Preferred Qualifications 
Previous retail experience

High school diploma or equivalent preferred


“Thank you for calling CVS. This is Dave, how can I help you?” the cashier next to me happily chimed. He was always so chipper. Dave and I never really became “friends.”

I never was the bubbly type. I’m all about the dry humor and sarcasm, and old women in walkers just don’t get that. Teenagers are the worst because they dish it out right back to me.

Today, two girls came in for candy bars and Cokes. The blonde one paid while the ginger one started a conversation.

“Look at her wealth!” she exclaimed as the blonde dug through her Vera Bradley wallet. I gave her the side eye.

“I’m too poor, and my parents kicked me out.” Blondie laughed, and I shot another side eye.

Seeing I wasn’t taking any of her crap, she stated, “She’s my lesbian lover,” and planted a kiss on her cheek. Blondie grimaced and pushed her friend away.

I didn’t even bag their candy and pop; I just gave the blonde her change and said “Have a nice day!” with an all too fake smile.

My boss, Steve saw the encounter and the vague interaction. “Grace, in my office,” he motioned with a point, as the girls chuckled out the front door.


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