The Twitch

Gah, it has happened! I have missed a day!!! Eventually, I knew this would happen–professional procrastinator with a horrible memory right here–but I didn’t think it would happen this soon. I’m going to go cry in a corner now . . .

Day 15: Create a character who is falsely accused of a crime.

Magda stood before the judge. “I plead guilty, Your Honor,” she said, swallowing hard, not wanting to say them at all. You’re not guilty at all! You didn’t kill your husband!

“Very well,” the judge shook his head, “Let the court proceeding begin. Your witness?” he asked, pointing to the plaintiff.

The day went long with testimonies from friends, family members, and neighbors. Magda assumed someone had bought them all off, as they all alluded to her killing her own husband. Why? She loved Sven with all of her heart.

“For my last witness,” the lawyer announced, “I would like to call Magda Fischer to the stand.”

Slowly, Magda approached the bench. She swore the oath and sat there uncomfortably twiddling her thumbs. All she could think of was her innocence and the cross stitch she left unfinished at home.

The lawyer examined his notes, but chuckled to himself, tossing them back on the table. “Why’d you do it?”

“Do what?” Magda asked.

“C’mon, you’re wasting our time!”

“Objection!” Magda’s lawyer cried.

Magda’s mind went crazy, as the two lawyers argued over the question, and as the judge sought his authority. She remembered the night Sven was shot well. There was another woman, a blonde skinny creature. She shot him, her mind bellowed, but as the scene replayed, Magda was holding the gun and she pulled the trigger.

“Sustained!” the judge barked, banging the gavel.

The lawyer adjusted his suit jacket, trying to clear his mind. He knew she’d killed her husband, and now it was more apparent to him than it ever was before in that court room: Magda, sitting on the bench, twiddling her thumbs quicker than before, her head twitching as she faintly whispered and openly mouthed “I did it.”


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