Amy’s Love

Day 14: Elvis still gets 100 Valentines each year.  Tell about one of the people who sent one.

Every year, a couple of days before Valentine’s Day, Amy jots down a letter. She’s been doing this ever since she was a teenager. The letter is meant for one person, the love of her life.

They met as children, going to the same grammar school and high school. They fell in love, but life moved along quickly before they could catch up. As much as he said he loved Amy, he was all about pursuing his career goals and dreams. Amy was heartbroken when she’d found out that he had found another woman, and she wrote about it in that year’s Valentine’s Day letter, but she too had moved on and ended up marrying a successful man whom she’s spent many wonderful years with. However, Amy still never lost the butterflies in her stomach or the sight of fireworks when she thought of him, her long-lost love.

But this February, Amy didn’t start her letter early. In fact, she was at a loss for words until the day of. Her pen suddenly seemed to move freely, short and sweet was her letter this year:

Dear Elvis,

After all of these years, I have finally gotten over you.

Love always,


Signed and sealed with a stamp, Amy dropped the envelope into the mailbox, not once turning back or flinching. She was ready to go home and make a nice lunch for loving husband.


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