Observations of the Heart

Day 7: What sets you apart from the crowd?

I sit there, waiting
At the coffee shop
On a park bench
Or in my car,
Watching the people stroll by,
Perhaps even run by
Or ride by on a bike
Or in a car.
I’m quiet, an introvert
Waiting for the cute barista to approach me.
Dare I not approach him,
With his piercing green eyes
And dark hair swooped so beautifully atop his head.
Dare I not approach him.

But from watching him,
Within the minutes it takes me to finish my coffee,
Made with bottled-up love, I could only assume,
I can tell of his character,
The facade he puts on at work,
And the fake-grin he forces when I ask for extra caramel drizzle.
In reality, my so-called Taylor the Latte Boy
Isn’t really charming at all.
Aggressive, slightly depressed, an artist.
He feels as if his life has no meaning,
No depth,
“God forbid!” he cries to an empty room,
At the mere thought of being a nobody like his father.
But, still, everyday he comes to work
With that awfully toothy grin on his face,
Wishing every customer a nice day
Without even meaning it.

Couples are easiest to read,
When they stroll through the park
Hand in hand.
At one point, they’ll be lovey-dovey,
Staring into each other’s eyes
Seeing everything in sepia.
They’re just happy to be alive and together,
And to never have to worry about finding another,
A gem
A diamond in the rough.
Then the woman might say something wrong,
Offending the man
And turning his lens grayscale.
He says something offensive back.
The woman places her hand on her chest
Softly enough to show emotion,
All the hardness is in her face
As her expression contorts into utter disgust.
“I don’t need this.”
The hand holding ceases
And the eye contact ends
As it seems a storm cloud hangs over their tension.
Thoughts of other gems,
Other diamonds in the rough,
Come to mind.
Maybe they’ve been back there all along,
Hiding in the corner of her mind
So that he wouldn’t find him,
The other man lurking behind the crevasses.
Is he so naive to forgive?
But he does,
He’s in love,
And the hand holding and loving stares are back on,
But are her actions true?
Sir, she is not in love with you.

I may be quiet,
My voice may be small,
But I know more than most,
Just from observing you all.

As you get your coffee,
As you walk through the park,
I see more than just actions,
I see what’s really in your heart.



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