Princess Grace

Day 3: Write about the worst time you’ve ever put your foot in your mouth.

Once upon a time (ca. 1999), in a far away land, there lived a princess. Her name was Grace. As a child, Grace felt that she was entitled to everything, being the apple of her father’s eye and her mother’s only daughter, including opting out of house- castlehold chores. Grace’s most favorite chore was staying out of her mother and father’s way whilst they cleaned the house castle, and she would just watch as they swept the tile, mopped the floors, dusted the ceiling fans, and vacuumed the carpet.

One bright Sunday afternoon, the queen had enough with Grace’s lazy attitude. Frustrated, she marched into Graces room and pointed her royal finger at her daughter.

“Grace, your bathroom is filthy! Can you please clean it today?” she commanded.

Grace swung around in her swivel chair dramatic-like, like any princess would. “I can’t today,” she simply responded. “I’m busy.”

“Your book report can wait,” the queen insisted. “You’re almost done! Take a break and clean the bathroom.”

“No,” Grace answered, a little more loudly, and with a definite tone, this time. “I’m busy.”

“Grace, you don’t know what busy is. You go to school, do your homework, and barely lift a finger around the house castle. The bathroom needs to be cleaned by tonight otherwise you don’t get your allowance.” Because all princess get allowances for just sitting there and looking pretty.

With her final word, the queen walked away, but as she walked down the hallway, a tiny voice, not meant to be heard said, “All you’re doing is nagging, why don’t you clean the bathroom yourself.”

“Excuse me?!” the queen shouted, and stormed back to the princess’s room. “Get up.” Princess Grace was scared, but obeyed, regretting saying those twelve words all together. Her left arm in her mother’s grip, like a bird carrying its prey, the queen led Grace to her filthy bathroom. “Hands and knees,” she said, pointing to the what-used-to-be-white tile floor. “I’ll grab you a bucket.”

From that day on, Grace has never refused to clean her bathroom when asked to, and she probably never will ever again.

The end.



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