Everything Game of Thrones

I’ve made it, the long journey from the start of Season 1 to the season finale of Season 4. I’m finally caught up on Game of Thrones!

And now to call DirecTV to set up the HBO package for our dish . . .

Kidding. Or am I?

So, now that I can finally discuss everything with the rest of the GoT fandom community, here are some of my most favorite moments, the moments that made me cringe the most, and my most favorite and least favorite character(s) throughout the entire show. Oh yea, and pictures!

[Notice the “Read More” tab. This is in place so that no spoilers are revealed to those who are just starting the series or are in the middle of the series. It is also in place because, as seasoned GoT fans know, the scenes can be a bit gory or graphic. It is at your own discretion that you chose to read on.

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My Most Favorite Moments

UnknownPodrick and the Prostitutes

☝ The man.

☟ The legend.

He doesn’t even have to pay them  because he’s that good.

I think this is one of my most favorite moments because, come on, it’s least expected. Seriously, you’d think Tyrion wouldn’t have to pay the prostitutes because he has some special “friends with benefits” membership club . . . BUT IT’S PODRICK!

imagesDaenerys and Khal Drogo (in general)

How could you not have a soft spot in your heart for Khal Drogo? He’s turns into this big teddy bear killing machine that you just want to hug; he ends up having a good heart along with great hair. Not to mention, when Daenerys takes control of things post-marital coitus doggy-style, things get hot . . . am I right?! Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons . . . and first feminist of Westeros!

joffrey.jpgJoffrey’s Short-lived Marriage and Sudden Death

Do I really need to explain this one?

You know you wanted the little shit dead, too.

Just kind of wish Sansa took the crossbow to his heart, but seeing his face turn purple and the veins in his eyes burst isn’t bad either.

Game-Of-Thrones-S4Ep7-Mockingbird-Review-Kate-Dickie-as-Lysa-Arryn-thrown-out-of-the-moon-doorBuh Bye, Lysa Arryn . . . Through the Moon Door You Go!

One word to describe Lysa Arryn: bitchbecrazyasfuck.

That’s not one word? How about now: #bitchbecrazyasfuck.

I think I clapped when Petyr Baelish pushed her . . . cause bitch was about to push homegirl Sansa. Nah uh, crazy!

article-2632440-1DFD409000000578-137_634x418The Kiss I Had Been Waiting For!!!

You know you were waiting for this, too.

Ah, the moment of the most awkward moments, but, at the same time, the most anticipated moment of my life! Seriously, you could only cut through their sexual tension with a butcher’s knife.

Tyrion crossbow_1Tyrion Being a Fucking Bad Ass


Tyrion should’ve been a Stark, no questions about that.

Not to mention, killing his dad on the pot = GENIUS!


The Most Cringe Worthy Moments

game-thrones-red-weddingThe Red Wedding

Red was an understatement, when it comes to this wedding. The constant stabbing of the pregnant belly, the slitting of throats, the streaming pools of blood . . . barf!

Did I mention I was eating lunch while watching this and forgot it was the Red Wedding episode? Let’s just say I lost my appetite quickly.

vlcsnap-2014-06-05-21h07m24s193The “Gauging of Eyes” Trial by Combat

This takes Kill Bill‘s eye gauging scene to a whole new level. Not only do Oberyn’s eyes just bleed out, but his entire head and brain cavity pretty much explode under the grasp the Mountain has on him.

On the plus side, Oberyn’s got some sick water dancing moves!

Sean Bean as Eddard Stark on Game of Thrones S01E09RIP Ned Stark, #foreverremembered


I think I was more in love with Ned Stark than Catelyn was.

The Twin’s Love Affair759997_GOT401_080113_ND_0239.jpg

Just stop before you ruin the gorgeous Lannister gene pool.

Seriously, it was racy in Season 1, but Season 4. Just stop, Cersei, and marry the homosexual jouster already!


And, My Most Favorite Character Is . . .

Sansa_StarkSansa Stark

Bish knows what she’s doing . . . and I can’t wait for her and Baelish to become a power couple!

Like Daenerys, Sansa is going through a period of growth and feminism. She’s one powerful bad ass bitch, and those crocodile tears . . . oh my God, nailed it!

And My Least Favorite . . .

is a tie between . . .

MTS_Lumaral-1411180-DaenerysTargaryenDaenerys Targaryen

Stop before you turn into a tyrant.

And how could you lock up those adorable dragons?! YOU’RE THEIR MOTHER! Bad Parenting 101.

Someone please bring Jorah back so he can advise her again . . .

and . . .

UnknownArya Stark


The Hound’s gone, Brienne and Podrick are gone . . . YOU’RE ALL ALONE!

Take your “Needle” and go home.


4 thoughts on “Everything Game of Thrones

  1. But… Arya has no home to go to… Winterfell is gone, burnt to cinders…

    Baelish being attracted to the daughter of his “love of all time” is seriously crazy and skeevy too.


    • Yes, Winterfell is gone, but home isn’t necessarily a place . . . she needs to meet up with John Snow and find Bran, and perhaps build Winterfell up again (haven’t read the books so I don’t know what will happen/if this has already happened in the books). I think I mostly want her to “go home” because she annoys me . . . it’s kind of like saying “go home [insert noun of choice], you’re drunk” to something that’s malfunctioning or annoying.

      Yea, it is a little pervish that Baelish is attracted to Sansa, and it’s even creepier that he said she reminds him of her mother but better . . . but how could anyone not see all of this sexual tension building up since the beginning?! I’ve been waiting for it to be “revealed” (I guess) or for someone to do something about it since Sansa was betrothed to Joffrey! I guess I was most excited because, for me at least, it had been a long time coming. The age gap and Baelish’s creepy ways (and his creepy nickname) = GROSS! But really they’re kind of meant to be; after all, Sansa lied to save his ass and is all for the plan of immersing her cousin in the real world (or real Westeros). With all that manipulation and distrust, I could see them being the power duo/couple of Season 5 (again, no knowledge of what happens in the books)!


      • She doesn’t know Bran isn’t dead, does she?
        And Jon Snow is with the Black Brothers — he’s not exactly in a place known to be kind to girls… Half of the black brothers are rapists, for crying out loud.


      • Let’s be honest, almost every man in their world is a rapist. I think Arya’s at a higher risk of being raped on that ship than she is at castle black with her brother. He gave her Needle, he’s obviously very close with her, and I don’t think Jon Snow is the type to let his little sister get raped and not slit a few throats.

        And I don’t think she knows about Bran’s fake death . . . after all, she’s been on the open road with the Hound, word never really traveled fast to them. I mean they didn’t find out her mother was dead until much later, or that her aunt was already three days dead when they ended up at the Eerie.


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