The Ups and Downs of Being in Love

In one minute, this:

Prince Eric: “I miss you!”

Grace: “I miss you more!”

Can turn into this:

Grace: “I love you!”

Prince Eric: “I love you more!”

Grace: “I love you most!”

Which can somehow quickly escalade into this:

Prince Eric: “Whatever.”

Grace: “Fine.”

Ah, the wonderful world of young love and relationships . . .


One of the girls I work with once told me that she doesn’t love her boyfriend all of the time, and I found this rather peculiar. These two are high school sweethearts, they’ve been dating for five years, and I expect an invitation to their future wedding. Maybe she’ll let me be the wedding singer. Doubtful, as my singing kills anything living within a ten-mile radius, but a girl can dream.

I remember, I gave her this skeptical look, which made her explain:

Don’t get me wrong, I love Alan with all of my heart, and when I’m mad at him I still love him, but I love him a little bit less.

I remember being all types of confused at this point. She clearly saw it on my face:

Elaine: “Have you and Prince Eric ever gotten in an argument?”

Grace: “Oh God, yes.”

Elaine: “Exactly, like every couple. You still loved him after the fight, yes, once everything was said and done?”

Grace: “Absolutely.”

Elaine: “But, for a little while longer, you felt some resentment, no?”

Grace: “You could say that, since I’m a stubborn German.”

Elaine: “Exactly! Now do you see what I’m saying?”

And I got it, just like that.


Our first date. [Originally posted on]

Our first date.
[Originally posted on]

Prince Eric and I have been together for almost two years now–actually, Fourth of July of this year marks our two-year anniversary (so childish, but still cute-as-a-button) to be exact. We’ve fought. What couple hasn’t? Apparently, it’s healthy, if the manner of arguing is healthy . . . kind of like a debate, except the topic is about the dirty dishes or leaving the living room a hot mess, not so much about the state of the fiscal cliff or global warming.

I’ve realized that I do dislike Prince Eric sometimes, where I really don’t want to talk to him for a short period of time. Sometimes, after an argument or a misunderstanding, I just want to become a hermit (just from him) and shut our world out, until I miss him again and I am truly over everything.

It took me a while to realize that relationships have their ups and downs, like a roller coaster or frequency distribution. It’s okay to dislike someone for a little bit only to love them even more than you have before. It’s not all peaches and cream–or fins and legs, in this case.

It took me a while to realize that fairy tales are make-believe, and that reality is a bell curve.


2 thoughts on “The Ups and Downs of Being in Love

  1. Relationships are a bit of a roller coaster. After 17 years of marriage, I know that there are extreme lows and highs. For me, the resentments tend to pile up into a strong dislike. I have to regularly refocus and let it go. This doesn’t happen in any fairy tales I’ve read, haha :)


    • Wow, 17 years! Congrats! Marriages these days seem to last a minute . . . and I think it’s because people don’t understand that relationships have the best of times and also the worst. I’m glad to see/meet someone who understands and actually puts effort in :) it’s better than seeing a tabloid about Kim Kardashian’s short Mrs. career haha!


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