All I’ve ever wanted,

Growing up as a little girl,

with dreams of being saved

by a prince aboard a glorious ship,

Was to be a woman

With flowing golden locks that sparkled majestically;

For twinkling eyes exuding intelligence, culture, youth, and confidence;

For grace and beauty;

For love and trust.


There was always one aspect missing

or delayed.


The stabbing pains of womanhood came,

But my child-like, unproportioned body will remain the same,

and my confidence will always drift away.


What would my prince think,

Presented with a ruler of a body

straight and small?

Would he laugh at my lines?

Would he caress me so lovingly despite my flaws?


No curves to glide his hands over,

No hips to sway with his,

Nothing to cup or kiss so lightly in throws of lust and want.

Nothing really at all,

but a ruler.


My body craves the sunshine,

the summer breeze,

and the salt of the ocean.

My temple screams for love,

for the touch of desire.

My mind yearns to run in the field,

in the tall grass like I did as a child.

My soul loves the summer.


Maybe I’m to remain a child forever,

With fanatical hopes of being saved;

carefree, confident, and bold.


Maybe I’m to remain a little girl forever,

Lacking shape,

but never imagination or goals.


After all, an immature mind has the most fun,

and never really grows old.


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