A Lannister Always Pays [Her] Debts . . . Even on Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! And in honor of this national (American) holiday, let’s talk about the blood bath that is Game of Thrones (and, yes, it’s deserving of its own category).

For all of you Lannisters/Starks/Tyrells/Baratheons/Targaryens in spirit (unfortunately, based on my hair color, I think I’m forced to be a Lannister), you will be happy to know that I have finally somewhat caught up and that I started Season 4 late last night. You will also be delighted to know that my views on the show have drastically changed since I wrote Chivalry is About as Dead as a Doornail.

So, let’s review some things (and please no spoilers, as I’m only two episodes in):

  • Love Daenerys, but I’m starting to love Sansa more . . . is that taboo?
  • Woman crush (before that was an Instagram hashtag) is on the lovely Margaery, Natalie Dormer, but this crush has been happening since she was Anne Boleyn on The Tudors. Not sorry. She’s hot.
  • I obviously watched the infamous “Red Wedding,” and, as I was watching, I forgot that it was that episode, so I screamed like a little girl when the stabbing of the pregnant belly began. Good thing I decided to eat lunch then, too . . . not.
  • I want a baby dragon.
  • Did anybody else feel guilty for crushing on Jaime Lannister while he was in Stark captivity? Maybe it’s the Catholic guilt embedded in my blood, but he kind of looked like a hot Jesus (when he had both hands) and I just couldn’t.
  • Best Eyebrows Award goes to Cersei.

So, as every Lannister does, I am paying my debts. I take back my worries and woes of the show, and I will admit that I am officially obsessed.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day, to those who celebrate! I’m off to sit outside and write some fantasy.


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