“We are such stuff / As dreams are made on; and our little life / Is rounded with a sleep.”

I always have really strange dreams . . . without fail.

Last night, I had a dream that Prince Eric and I were in Mexico on vacation. However, he got arrested for public urination and was pent-up in Mexican prison way longer than our time in Mexico allowed. And, of course, while he was locked up, a cartel somehow got my license plate number and tried to track Prince Eric and me by that because, of course, they wanted to kill us for no apparent reason.

I remember visiting him in prison and asking him if I should tell the Mexican cops about the cartel, but we both agreed that it’d be best to wait until Prince Eric was out of jail. Hesitantly, I approached a guard and I was going to tell her, but chickened out and asked her if the personal trainer at the prison–because, you know, inmates need to get swole, too–could train me. She laughed in my face and called me a “sad little girl,” for asking the prison personal trainer for gym advice.

I woke up with gritted teeth and a headache that lasted all day. Thanks for the frustration, Mexico! Just kidding . . . but seriously.


So, what is a dream?

Is it my subconscious just running wild on me, like the wild ride I took last night through the Mexican prison? Or, is it our minds living through the past, present, and future?

I did have a dream, earlier this week, that I wasn’t going to get that job I had wanted (refer to Misunderstandings While Standing in the “Seeking Employment” Line). Actually, it’s kind of funny. The HR lady that was present at both of my in-person interviews told me I didn’t get the job, in my dream, by commenting on one of my Grace Literate posts. It was a double whammy of rejection.

But, then again, I also had a dream that I predicted the next Pope, after Pope John Paul II (circa. 2005), to be Pope John Paul III. Pope Benedict XVI works, too, I guess.

I’ve had multiple dreams of the end of the world, being in love, falling, swimming, etc. So, what is a dream?

Probably just my crazy mind going insane.

Just a late night thought.


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