Yay or Nay?

Ursula here :) Grace wanted to post this and told me to write whatever.

Earlier this month, Grace had received a letter from her university asking for donations for renovations, a new prospective building, and, of course, for anything else they could update.

“I’m $60k in debt because of them and they expect me to donate?!”

I laughed. Sweetheart, you put yourself in this position…

Anyway, she came across this post and wanted to share it with you all (and how it kind of relates to this post, or whatever)…it’s called “Stupid university tuition…” if that doesn’t give away anything…

[Originally posted on Tickld.com]

[Originally posted on Tickld.com]

A word from Grace…

I find the comments fairly interesting…some are for this “Alumnus,” while others are against him. Recent college graduates (or graduates in general…or anybody for that matter), what do you think? Are you cheering the Alumnus on or shaking your head?


The mother of a single daughter that wishes she had red hair and a green fish tail . . . no, not Ursula, her daughter. She plans to take over the sea, one German Mutti-ism at a time.


One thought on “Yay or Nay?

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